Monday, 11 February 2013

Short roping workshop

Chris leading us over a tricky little step

This week I'm working with Chris to help him prepare for his MIC assessment. We've been joined by Jon Gupta who has volunteered to be a 'client' for the week to make things as realistic as possible. Things were looking pretty snowy and windy in the Cairngorms and the ski road was shut. A quick stomp up and we headed in to Coire Ciste along with most of the Glenmore Lodge groups. Our brief for the day was to explore the variety of techniques an instructor would use during a mountaineering journey. The Ciste Crag gave plenty of options for Chris' ropework to be put to the test with short roping, pitching, lowering and abseiling. The strong south easterly winds were moving a lot of snow today and there were some very deep drifts of soft slab to negotiate on our descent.

 Battling with the ropes in the strong winds

 Well wrapped up for the conditions

 Short roping to the next challenge

A quick tap to seat the nut correctly

Jon enjoying challenging Chris with lots of questions!

Working on movement skills on a little step

Chris pulling through a steep little groove

Jon bridging up a tricky little problem

Wading through the windslab

Chris descending from the Ciste Crag

Ciste Crag - perfect training ground

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