Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A buried Fiacaill Couloir

 Chris pulling over the crux chock stone in Fiacaill Couloir

This week I'm working with Chris putting the final polish to his preparation for his MIC assessment next week. We've also been joined by Jon Gupta as a mock client. Today was a personal climbing day so we were looking for slick ropework, well organised stances and climbing on grade III terrain. Walking into Coire an t'Sneachda we were greeted with an unbroken expanse of whiteness. The best option seemed to be around Fiacaill Buttress where the approach slopes had been slightly scoured and the copious amounts of windslab could be avoided. Several other teams had the same idea and it was a crowded entry gully until the everyone spread out on to Fiacaill Couloir II/III, Invernookie III 4 and the Seam IV 4. We stayed in the Couloir which gave a plesent climb with an awkward crux over the chockstone with plenty of unhelpful snow.

 More images from a graceful struggle!

 Pulling back into balance above the crux

A straightforward romp to the top of Fiacaill Couloir

Montane athlete & MIC guinea pig Jon Gupta modeling several layers of their clothing!

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