Tuesday, 22 January 2013

North Face of Ben Nevis without O2!

Sarah descending an icy step

This week I'm working with Sarah & Jenny to help with their final preparations for their Adventure Peaks Everest expedition. With a strong easterly wind still whipping over the tops we opted to stay low and focus on climbing and descending fixed lines. The North side of Everest has around 10,000m of line stretching from just above ABC to the summit so having a simple, efficient and safe system is essential. My preferred method is detailed here. The area below the CIC Cascades offers a number of small grade II steps on rock and ice which are perfect for this sort of training. Throughout the day we were able to ascend and descend over 500m in a maelstrom of spindrift. Above us the main CIC Cascade was complete but thin and hollow. However there was plenty of activity on the ice lines to the right hand side

 Ascending the ice apron below the main CIC Cascade

 Jenny passing an anchor on an icy step

 Sarah ensuring she stays attached while passing an anchor

 Jenny sheltering from the spindrift behind the main CIC Cascade

 Sarah approaching the CIC Cascade

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