Monday, 21 January 2013

Conditions on a very quiet Ben Nevis

A thin looking Curtain IV 5

This week I'm working for Adventure Peaks running an expedition prep course. Jenny & Sarah are both heading for the north side of Everest so this is their final opportunity to get comfortable on fixed lines, finalise their systems & personal admin and cover some exposed mixed ground. We headed into a very windy but quiet Ben Nevis with an open mind. An escaped rucksack blown away in the updraft provided a bit of entertainment before we battled our way up and down No 4 Gully. There were a few patches of of very unstable windslab on a soft layer but these were easily avoided. The sastrugi at the base of the Comb were pretty impressive with the soft layer being constantly eroded by the swirling winds but the rest of the corrie was good neve. There were teams on Glovers Chimney, battling an upwards torrent of spindrift and Comb Gully which was somewhat more sheltered. Lower down the easier CIC Cascades and the Gulch saw plenty of activity

Topping out in No 4 Gully

The main CIC Cascade coming into condition

A well rimed No 3 Gully Buttress

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