Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas Hot(ish) Rock

 Abseiling from the road bridge in to the Mascarat Gorge
 Topping out on Boulder Terminar F5+ in the Mascarat Gorge

John pulling onto the 1st stance of Diedro UBSA F5+ on the iconic Penon

Unknown climber on Puto Paseo Ecologico on the Penon F7a

Claire cruising the overlaps on the classic Costa Blanca F6c+

The infamous short abseil and pendulum on Diedro UBSA F5+

 Meeting the wild cats of the Penon!

Kieran & Scott looking very pleased with themselves at the top of El Navegante F7a 

 Kieran enjoying Tufa Groove F6b+ at Olta Main

A 2nd view of Kieran focusing hard on Tufa Groove F6b+

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