Saturday, 31 August 2013

Tweeting on the go from the 2013 CCC.

  • Back in the mountains :) Mont Blanc making an appearance above Chamonix
  •  #CCC registration complete. Race no 6769. Off to enjoy the buzz in Chamonix & eat copious amounts of pizza :) 

  •  Stunning sunrise in Courmayeur. Perfect conditions for the #UTMB #CCC 75mins till we're go go go!
  • The start line. 100km to Chamonix with a mere 6000m of ascent :)
  •  30 mins before the #CCC start & gets a spot kit check! Sure it will all go back in!
  •  1900 people lined up in Courmayeur ready to race :) #CCC13 20 mins till the 1st wave of 3
  •  #CCC13 runners stream up the 1st big hill dwarfed by Mont Blanc
  •  The #CCC crocodile starting to spread out. Awesome ridge top running in the sunshine :) 
  •  3 hrs of running on the #CCC13 & the start's still in sight! 1st water stop overlooking Courmayeur
  •  I've run through Refuge Bertone and I'm now in position 950 after 03:19:32
  •  I've run through Refuge Bonatti and I'm now in position 940 after 04:33:19
  •  Ticking along nicely in the heat of the day. #CCC13 Not far to the Swiss border but 2nd big climb coming up... ..
  • I've run through Arnuva and I'm now in position 888 after 05:29:47
  •  I've run through Grand Col Ferret and I'm now in position 821 after 06:51:26
  •  Goodbye Italy! It's been a pleasant few hours. Over the Col du Ferret :) #CCC13 Doooooooownhill...
  •  I've run through La Fouly and I'm now in position 719 after 08:19:15.
  •  Swiss mountain air agreeing with me #CCC13 Good leg down to Le Fouly 40km. ETA sub 20 for 1st time :)
  •  I've run through Champex-Lac and I'm now in position 590 after 10:30:10. 
  •   Feeding time at the zoo! Pasta party at Champex 54km. Half hour till the torches come out
  •  I've run through Bovine and I'm now in position 554 after 12:45:00
  •  Night nav's easy! 1000s of these high viz numbers guiding everyone around the #CCC & #UTMB courses
  •  I've run through Trient and I'm now in position 503 after 14:03:17
  •  I've run through Vallorcine and I'm now in position 468 after 16:51:18
  •  Final climb done & the lights of Chamonix spread out below. Still a long descent but the #CCC end is in sight
  •  I've run through La Flégère and I'm now in position 486 after 20:12:26 
  • Job done :) #CCC IN 21:50. Just in time for breakfast at the hotel! Sure will do the #UTMB quicker! 
  •  Scores on the doors #CCC 497th from 1900 starters in 21:50 198th in 18:49 & 13:41 for 11th!!!! 
  •  I have just finished the CCC®, in position 501 after running 21:50:21.

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