Friday, 18 January 2013

Looking for Aconcagua on the Ben...

 The Pony Track on Ben Nevis - Great training for Aconcagua

For the final day of Sebastian's expedition prep course we got the chance to test some his high altitude equipment in anger. He's away to Aconcagua with Adventure Peaks in a few days so we swapped the False Polish Traverse for the Ben's Pony Track and went for a battle with the conditions in a pair of Millet Everest boots. Fair play, if a little foolish, to the two gentlemen who followed us to the summit in their trainers! The wind was gusting 80mph plus across the plateau but we were comfortable without crampons. MacLean's Steep had drifted in with plenty of soft slab which settled with a huge 'whumpf' as we approached. The forecast had predicted -26oC at 900m with windchill so we were glad to pop into the summit shelter for a spot of lunch. We descended via Red Burn which did require crampons before rejoining the Pony Track for the descent to Glen Nevis

 Spot the difference - Descending from Camp 2 on Aconcagua

 Following the cairns across the summit plateau

 Battling against the 80mph winds on the summit

 Enjoying lunch in the Ben Nevis summit shelter - sponsored by Millet!

Stunning conditions on the descent via Red Burn

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